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All About Carpenter Ants


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why won’t a one-time service solve the problem?

Unfortunately, we all have legal limits on materials and currently that means exterior control for 35 to 60 days. Again, carpenter ant control is primarily an “outside” problem in addition to treating the house. Since none of these materials last even for one year it is necessary to perform regular maintenance or become re-infested.

Where are carpenter ant
nests located?

The main or “parent” colony is usually located outside the home and interacts with “satellite” colonies within the home. This makes control as much of an “outside” problem as treating the home itself. This is why it is so important to use experienced service people and a regular maintenance program.

Why does Eagle Pest Control spray five times a year?


We have serviced homes for 34 years with sprays performed five times a year through the warm season, beginning in March and ending the first part of November. Our system has an established track record and reduces the cost to the homeowner, while providing safe, effective control.

How is your service superior to spraying every month?

Since we do have materials that last for 5 to 6 weeks, it’s not necessary to spray every month and since carpenter ants are not active through the winter it’s not necessary to spray during December and January. This greatly impacts the cost of the service to the customer and results in a significant savings in service cost without losing effectiveness.

Another company has told me that they have a special blend of pesticide that takes only one application to achieve total control, is this true?

False, all pest control companies are subject to the same laws and regulations concerning materials and applications. Currently there is no such material available which is safe and legal to use.


For A Free Estimate, Call:

email: drader44@comcast.net